Always a hit with the kids, especially the mummies! As they get older you can tie in the trip with their history topic at school. My kid was amazed to find the actual Saxon war hemlet that he had seen a picture of in a book. Some floors let the visitors touch objects while you guess what they are. Again, the kids were amazed they had touched a piece of flint that was 3000 years old. Cafe is pricy though and you may be better off taking your lunch break somewhere on Tottenham Court road.
Took my 8 year old boy to the Saatchi Gallery. There were some weird and wonderful installations which he loved, especially one with old men in wheelchairs and the Korean section at top of the gallery. The gallery was just the right size to keep his attention. There were some items that could have been a bit scary for a younger child, for instance a very realistic model of a dead woman and even the old men in wheelchairs as they too were very realistic. There are plenty of cafes around. We went for a blue banana ice cream at a cafe in the Duke of York Square.


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